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July 31st, 2008 / 5 Comments » / by David

Have you noticed MyBlogLog new design?

I think they could have thought it out a bit better. I mean it’s very nice looking but for me usability was the last thought on the designers mind’s.

The reason I like MyBlogLog is because of the real time stats. But the have put this section

Above this section:

so now I have to scroll to see what I want to see…… Do you see??

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Get the most out of Entrecard

July 30th, 2008 / 12 Comments » / by David

It’s not really a secret that Entrecard is a good way to jump start your blog’s traffic. The real secret is how to become an Entrecard power dropper.

My Technique

I start by loading a new FireFox browser window and navagate to my drop inbox. Then with my mideal mouse button I click about 20-30 links. This opens the links in new tabs. Useauly i step away for a bit or work on something else allowing the tabs to load. Even with my fast connection It can take a few momments for those tabs to load.

When i come back most if not all of the tabs are fully loaded an I’m ready to get going. So I click on the first tab then I click on the drop button, and with my middle mouse button/scroll wheel I click the card. This load anothe new tab.

Now here is my big secret. I use the keyboard shortcut key ctrl+w. This closes the tab I just used and brings the next tab into view.

It’s really that simple, really! I can get my 300 in about 30 minutes.

Improve drops on your site

To get the most out of Entrecard you should place your card in a spot that is highly visible. Sometimes doing so can be tough dempending on your sites design. If so check out the Entrecard Popper. It pops you card up to the top of the page when a user visits your site from their Entrecard’s drop inbox.

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Get paid to search

July 29th, 2008 / 20 Comments » / by David

Did you know that you can earn money from something you are already doing? I just discovered a new search engine that pays you to search.

Using scour search is just as easy as using Google, Yahoo or MSN. In fact Scour uses all 3 three of these search engines. The main difference is that you earn points for searching that you can later convert to cash.

Also the results are sorted by user votes. The more votes the higher the listing will be. It’s like Google+Yahoo+MSN+digg/stumble=Find the best stuff first and fast.

I should also mention you get paid for searching,  voting and commenting.

Go try it out->

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Daddy Bloggers… yep them too

July 28th, 2008 / 1 Comment » / by David

Last week I did a nutty post about Mommy Bloggers. I had a lot of fun and learned how to spell yammers. Today I thought I should yen my yang by showing off a few Daddy Bloggers.

Joeprah talks about the struggles and triumph of being a stay at home Daddy. Though I have never visited his blog before; I found myself right at home. I really enjoyed his post: How to Flip Out on Your Kids. I can totally relate. I even used this myself.

At Clark Kent Lunchbox you learn about a former corporate exec who has recently maried and has become a stay at home dad of five kids. Yes I said five… OMG.

Make sure you read about the creepy dance.

DooDaddy This blog will keep you busy for hours. Here is a small bit of what you can find:

“She must think I’m one of those horrible anti-fashion stay-at-home dads”

Might want to read this in full context: Why do girls wear pink?

At lookyDaddy you can find the best reason to have a daughters birthday early.

To conclude

It really is hard to find Daddy Bloggers that talk about parenting and family. So please help me discover more.

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Here, there, everywhere a blog contest

July 25th, 2008 / 2 Comments » / by David

We all know how hosting contests on your blog or website will boost your readership. So when you get your contest ready there are a ways to optimize and publicize you contest for ultimatum results.


One of the best ways to optimize your contest is by finding sponsors. It’s really easy to find theme in your niche. Simply look for vendors that offer product and services where the cost to offer is low or null.

Some great products could include ebooks, e-courses, site templates….

After you have identified potential sponsors, contact them and give them the details of your contest and simply tell them you would love to have their help.

To see a really good example of a contest using sponsors, take a look at WpThemeDesigners past contest. With a little effort she more than doubled her rss subscribers.

Post Template

While your looking at WpThemedesigners contest you’ll notice that she has include a post template for contestents to post on their own blogs. The template not only includes the information about the contest, but links to her contest sponsers.

Promote some more

Now whe you luanch your contest your work is still far from over. The next step is to find sites that list contest. There are alot of them out there so I’ll only show you a couple.

There are many, many other sites like this.. Just do a search and you’ll find tons. Most offer an easy way to submit your contest.

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Blogging Mommy Invasion

July 24th, 2008 / 3 Comments » / by David

An invasion is taking place however few have noticed. Yes an invasion of mass proportion is storming the blogging world. Have you noticed this growing trend? Do we have anything to fear?

So you might ask what defines a mommy blogger? While there may not be any one thing that would clue you off, there are several small signs that you have ran into a Mommy Blogger. The first, an easiest sign is when they proclaim their self so.

Queen Bee: eMom

eMom is the most obvious example of Mommy Blogger self proclamation. I find it interesting that she has tried to blend into the blogging society by changing here site’s url from to the more manly sounding SparkPlugging

It should also be noted that she is training the next generation of Mommy Bloggers. More evidence of this can be found at SparkplugU

The Nanny

In the cass of this Mommy Blogger; she takes a much different approach using social networks to invade the blogging world. Stumbling her way through to the hearts and minds of blogisphere. While not proclaiming herself as a Mommy Blogger as our previous example, she has made it clear by her home schooling offers.


Some Mommy Bloggers can easily be identified by their constant chatter about their gremlins. This blogger makes a habit of calling one of little ones “The Cuteness”, which always reminds me of Gollum’s “My Precious”. It’s just a little freaky.

She also yemmers on about her day job as a cashier. If I ever figure out where she works I’m gonna visit her and buy $20 of chocolate and pay with pennies.


Still some All you have to do is see their blog header. She claims to be a Grandma… I’m still not sure I believe her. She is an awesome photographer.


If your thinking all Mommy Bloggers are charming and friendly you’re about to change your mind. Personally TheBloggess is one of my favorite bloggers. She is totally raw and on the edge.  I think very few could post about Jesus and zombies in the same post.


I have just mentioned just a handful of the thounsands of Mommy Bloggers. I have by no means scratched the surface. Is this invasion something we should fear? I don’t think so. Be sure to share your thoughts on this topic.

As for a longer list of Mommy bloggers:

Hottest Mommy Blogger

Blogher’s List

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A Word of Advice on D-lists and Comment Luv

May 27th, 2008 / 18 Comments » / by

The reason for writing this article is noticing the upcoming trend of using Do-Follow lists of blogs that have their no-follow option turned off and therefore pass on link juice every time somebody comments on their blog. Another upcoming trend is the number of Comment-luv lists posted where people can go and leave their comment and have a direct link exposed to the latest blog entry on their blog.

Even though I chose to turn of the no-follow on my own blog MeMyselfandI ????????a few months ago, I am becoming worried by the number of people who have started distributing these type of lists without warning their readers not to destroy the system.

You might have noticed that the number of do-follow blogs is becoming smaller every day and many blogs that found themselves listed at one point in time actually start switching back to no-follow again.

Speaking from personal experience, I do feel that having my blog set to do-follow does improve the participation on a blog in general and I am in favour of using this option. It saddens me though to see that so many people are starting to abuse these type of lists in order to get a few back links to their blog or website.

And yes, I am using the word ABUSE on purpose.

I consider my blog to be my own place in the blogosphere and I take great pride in what I send out into the world. It takes up quite a bit of my time to keep my blog going without having a financial purpose in mind.

I appreciate the time people take to comment and add to the conversation which is why I turned off no-follow in the first place, but seeing that more and more people think they can take advantage of other people’s blogs and services by putting up a lame “great post” comment just to get a back link is actually making me think of returning to no-follow and get rid of the crappy comments that way.

Even worse, some make a comment without having read the post at all (yes, it does show when you are commenting without having read the post) and just pick 2 or 3 post where to put a few words comment and than go on to the next blog.

If you are using do-follow blogs in your SEO tactics (and I have absolutely nothing against it as long as you work for it and in fact add something to the content of the blog) think about that before you start leaving your comments, that is, if you want do-follow blogs to exist …


100 Blogs using CommentLuv

May 12th, 2008 / 493 Comments » / by David

Here is a list of 100 sites using the CommentLuv plugin. Post a comment on these blogs and you get a follow link to your latest blog post.

If you want to try it out just post a comment to this post!

If I have time maybe I’ll add more in a future post!

Save Some Time

I was able to find some software that can find the blogs for you. Check it out Comment Love Finder

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News and Updates

May 9th, 2008 / 6 Comments » / by David

Comment and be rewarded

We just installed a new plugin that rewards those that participate in the conversation.  When you make a comment the plugin gets your last post and adds a follow link to it within your comment. So feel free to speak up.

SideBar Link

Of course contributers are given a permanent link on the sidebar.  Just sign up an account login and write your post.

Coming back soon

When I changed the theme to the site a few weeks back I didn’t add the code for the guest blogger plug. So now I’m building it as a WordPress plugin. I’m also doing a tutorial on how to build plugins. It will be back in the coming weeks.

Freelance Writing and Internet Marketing Converge

May 7th, 2008 / 12 Comments » / by

I’ve been writing for clients for a while. These days, my business is focused on blog posts, articles, website content, ebooks, reports, and the odd squidoo lens. I’ve done so much of this writing, I started to realize that I was missing out.

My clients are likely turning around and selling the ebooks I write for a profit. They’re probably using the articles to generate traffic or revenue. I have the writing skill, why not try this for myself? So even though I’m still accepting work from clients, most of my time is spent building my new business.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like a newbie. It’s exciting and interesting but it feels like the right time to get started.