Here, there, everywhere a blog contest

We all know how hosting contests on your blog or website will boost your readership. So when you get your contest ready there are a ways to optimize and publicize you contest for ultimatum results.


One of the best ways to optimize your contest is by finding sponsors. It’s really easy to find theme in your niche. Simply look for vendors that offer product and services where the cost to offer is low or null.

Some great products could include ebooks, e-courses, site templates….

After you have identified potential sponsors, contact them and give them the details of your contest and simply tell them you would love to have their help.

To see a really good example of a contest using sponsors, take a look at WpThemeDesigners past contest. With a little effort she more than doubled her rss subscribers.

Post Template

While your looking at WpThemedesigners contest you’ll notice that she has include a post template for contestents to post on their own blogs. The template not only includes the information about the contest, but links to her contest sponsers.

Promote some more

Now whe you luanch your contest your work is still far from over. The next step is to find sites that list contest. There are alot of them out there so I’ll only show you a couple.

There are many, many other sites like this.. Just do a search and you’ll find tons. Most offer an easy way to submit your contest.

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